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A fanfic (work) is a story about the characters of a famous movie, book, anime, game, etc.

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The Alfa

Ozzmo Black
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
Pairing and characters:
Rachel King, Eric King, Nick Kay
6 pages, 4 chapters
Date of completion:
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The Land Before Time: Into the Unknown

Original works
Types: Gen
Rating: PG-13

Plot: Right after rescuing his father from the fire mountain, Littlefoot and his friends travel back to the valley.
Meanwhile, Red Claw takes over various packs of sharp teeth to help him fight against the great valley.
During this time of that, Littlefoot gets separated from the rest of the gang ...

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My Little Stalker

S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Equestria at War (crossover)
Types: Gen
Rating: NC-17

What if a death truck carrying only corpses had an accident from a random magical lightning bolt, and the surviving passenger was picked up by some pony? And anyway - how did the truck end up in Equestria? What is he doing here? And what to do next? These and other questions await the newly arrived ...

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The small office of "Lackadaisy" must go to USSR

Types: Gen, Mixed
Rating: R , NC-17 or NC-21

It's 1929. This year, the authorities and people initiated “working people’s demands” to ban alcohol in the USSR (for details, see the Wikipedia article: Anti-alcohol campaigns in the USSR: Campaign of 1929 (in Russian)). As a result, because of these calls, many breweries and shops in Moscow, ...

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Rebirth as Tommen Baratheon

Martin George R.R. "A Song of Ice and Fire"
Types: Gen, Het
Rating: NC-17 or NC-21

The story of Tommen Baratheon getting caught in his body. The author may change the ages of the characters slightly to better fit into the story, but Tommen should remain the second son of Cersei and Robert (Jaime). The hero is not familiar with the events of the series and the book, but he is well ...

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