Rules of the website

We make a lot of efforts to make the website convenient, and the atmosphere on it pleasant and friendly, but we will not be able to achieve this without your help. Please read these simple rules that will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations:


You may publish:

Works or original works written by you;
Your text should be pre-checked for mistakes and written according to the rules of the English language.

Translations of works and original works from foreign languages (only with the author's permission!);
A translation made by you personally from a foreign language. You must obtain in advance the original author's permission to publish the work.

Articles or research about fanfiction or fandom. For more information, see the "Articles" section below..
Your article should correspond to the topic of the section and be marked as "Article".

It is prohibited to publish:

Texts written by others, copied from the Internet. Under no pretext and in no form;
  • Even if you state in the header that "this work isn't mine".
  • Even if you got permission from the author.
  • Under no condition!
  • This is not a joke. For violating this rule, you can easily get banned on the website.

Texts in languages other than English;
FicFan is an English language resource. Inserts in foreign languages are allowed, but the main text must be in English.

Flood, spam, and other non-literary texts that can be considered intentionally inflammatory, insincere, digressive or extraneous;
Do not be tempted to make fun of readers or publish something that does not correspond to the subject of the fandom or the format of the website as a whole. Publications like that will be deleted, and violators will be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Works that involve recent global tragedies or political conflicts;
It does not matter for what purpose the work was written — you should not use recent tragedy events to create your works, this is at the very least inconsiderate towards the feelings of those who might have been affected. If you want to write a text about historical events, you should wait for at least six months after the events in question.

Works that contain graphic descriptions of violence or explicit scenes without the appropriate age rating and tags;
As long as your work describes fictional events that occur with fictional characters, you are free in your creative self-expression. However, you must respect the reader and give them the opportunity to make their own choice whether they want to read a text with potentially shocking content or they are not ready to do so. In order to achieve this, FicFan introduced a flexible system of ratings and tags, and we ask all authors to take responsibility and use them in the header of their work.

Contests, events, flash mobs, announcements, appeals to readers under the guise of a work or a chapter;
Save all of these for your personal blog. Any important information you want to share, you can share in the "About" field in your profile. You can use private messages to communicate with your regular readers.

Opinions about events or descriptions of one's life, similar to entries in a personal diary;
A work or an original story is a work of fiction with a plot, a climax, an ending. One should keep entries like "I got up at 8 a.m. and went to school" for their diary.

Selections of quotes, sayings, anecdotes, posts, logs;
You can publish an article based on quotes, but only on the condition that it will be your author's research based on these quotes, and not just a collection of stingy comments. The relevance of each article of the very sort is decided individually.

Translations of lyrics;
It doesn't matter if it rhymes or not, it's not fanfiction. The exception is a "songfic", where the lyrics of the song are organically embedded in the text of the work, and they are not the only content of the work.

Drafts that have not yet become a full-fledged work and chapter;
Don't publish a work that consists only of the phrase "placeholder for the first part". You can mark the text as a draft if it is not ready yet. Don't post a chapter that takes only a couple of lines. While exhibiting work in progress is permitted, each chapter must have a complete idea and be a separate unit of meaning.

Lists of features and reasons, tips, tier lists and lists of pros and cons, profiles of characters, etc.;
Listing something is not considered to be a full-fledged work. However, this does not apply to works in the "Genres and warnings" style. The relevance of each work of the very sort is decided individually.

Incomplete works with a link to a continuation on a third-party resource.
Example: here is the first chapter, read the rest at the link.

The works that are duplicates.
Publishing the same text (from one profile or from several) clogs fandoms and creates confusion: which work should readers follow? Which work should they comment and rate? Where should a new chapter appear? The prohibition applies to all works, including the co-authored ones.


On "FicFan", in addition to fiction, you can publish a text of a publicistic nature, marking it with as "Articles". But keep in mind the theme of the website and don't forget that you can't publish anything you want and just mark it as an article.

You may publish:

Fandom "Original stories": articles on fanfiction and writing;
For example: "Tips for an aspiring author", "How to take criticism correctly", "Why do we want to write fanfiction?", "Copyright issues when writing fanfiction" and so on.

In other fandoms: publicism about a specific fandom — character analysis, reflections on a book or series, funny notes.
For example: “Why Naruto's behavior is too farfetched”, “Death Note: Is Light a villain or a hero?”, “What do you do if you get into the world of Hitman Reborn (humor)?” and so on.

It is prohibited to publish:

Publicism on topics that have nothing to do with any fandom or fanfiction in general;
For example: "100 ways to pickle cucumbers for the winter", "10 signs that you are...", "Nuclear power plant at home" and the like.

Lists of features and reasons, tips, tier lists and lists of pros and cons, profiles of characters, etc.;
Listing something is not considered to be an article. The relevance of each article of the very sort is decided individually.


You may add:

Requests with your ideas for works and articles that fit the rules for publishing works on the website.
Ideally, the request should inspire the author to write interesting fanfiction or an article.

It is prohibited to add:

Requests with ideas for fanfiction and articles prohibited from publication by the rules of the website;
For example: "Work in a foreign language", "Anecdotes about Naruto", "An idea for a contest" and the like.

Requests that are not an idea for a work or an article;
Any random text, your own work under the guise of a request, an appeal to users and other things that are not a request to begin with.

The same request several times.
If your request was not fulfilled the first time, it is unlikely to be fulfilled the second time. It is better to think about something more original.


It is definitely worth leaving:

Your constructive and well-founded opinion on the work under discussion;
You can write about what thoughts you had about the work, what impression it left.

Questions for the author regarding the work under discussion.
You can ask the author about how the work was created, plans for the future, details and so on.

It is prohibited to leave:

Insults, obscenities, rude comments;
We do not tolerate rudeness towards authors and readers.

Everything that is not related to the discussion of work (flooding);
"Hi, how are you", "I'm off" and stuff alike is more appropriate as private messages rather than comments.

Links to your works, requests, social network groups, begging for comments and “likes” and other types of self-promotion;
Spam is spam, nobody likes it.

Non-argumented negative comments;
You may comment that you liked something without any explanation. However, if you decide to leave a comment that you didn't like the work, it may be better to give a reasoning for your opinion and back in up with constructive arguments. This might help the author to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Participating in arguments, squabbles, and figuring out relationships in comments.
Even if you are fighting "for a just cause", not being rude, but simply responding to a rude person or defending the author, be prepared for sanctions in your direction — supporting such a "conversation" (in any form) is as harmful as being rude or insulting someone at the first place. The best tactic is to completely ignore the rude person, leave it to the moderator to deal with.

Private messages

You may send:

Messages of a personal nature, personal appeals to the user;
Anything that counts as personal correspondence.

It is prohibited to send:

Advertising, offers to exchange likes and other spam;
Anything the user wouldn't want to receive and you choose to send to them without permission.

If you decide to insult a user in any form by private message, be prepared for sanctions. We don't care who is at fault or who started it first — learn to be polite and correct in any situation.

Covers, avatars, profile background

We work hard to ensure that our website remains accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of personal preferences. Due to the fact that avatars, profile backgrounds and cover artwork are visible to all without any restrictions or ability to hide or filter them through search, user uploaded images must strictly follow a number of rules, and all cover artwork is subject to additional pre-moderation.

It is prohibited to upload:

Images that violate the copyright of third parties. Any image was created by someone and the author of the image has the right to dispose of it at their own discretion. If you do not know who the author of the image is and what the policy of using this image is, you should not upload it as an avatar, profile background and/or cover. Infringing images will be removed at the first request of copyright holders.

Sexually explicit images.
No images are allowed that contain:
  • Nude body and/or intimate body parts, including blurred and/or otherwise censored body parts;
  • Close-up of buttocks, genitals and/or breasts;
  • Scenes of an erotic and/or pornographic nature;
  • Sex toys and related items;
  • Characters wearing transparent and/or overly provocative clothing;
  • Characters in explicit and/or provocative poses..

Images of a shocking and/or provocative nature.
No images are allowed that contain:
  • Excessively realistic depictions of blood, guts, bodily injuries, bodily fluids, body waste, etc.;
  • Very realistic images of accidents, crime scenes, disasters;
  • Very realistic acts of violence: shootings, executions, explosions, etc.;
  • Realistic firearms and/or their parts, spare parts;
  • Obscene gestures, including those that are blurred and/or otherwise censored;
  • Obscene language, including distorted, with intentional spelling errors and/or replacement of characters;
  • Provocative, controversial or other specific symbols in any form;
  • Materials that incite racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hostility;
  • Harassment or oppression of any social groups on any grounds;
  • Materials aimed at causing a feeling of anxiety in the viewer: the so-called screamer images, images of artificially distorted realistic facial features and/or body parts, etc.

Images of tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, recreational drugs
No images are allowed that contain:
  • Scenes of realistic, irresponsible and/or excessive use of the substances listed above;
  • Advertising of the substances listed above and related products;
  • Instructions for making, buying and/or consuming the substances listed above;
  • Images with inscriptions in languages other than English.


You may:

It is allowed to:
  • Share links to works on personal pages, social networks, thematic groups and so on;
  • Organize themed events (competitions, interactive events, etc.) on social networks and other platforms;
  • Participate in themed events (competitions, interactive events, etc.) on social networks and other platforms;
  • Participate in barter events that involve a mandatory review of the work (comment exchanges, review marathons and the like).

It is prohibited to:

Artificially inflate any indicators of activity.
It is not allowed in any form:
  • To accept suggestions for boosting likes, comments, collections, subscriptions, "interested" in requests and other metrics using automatic tools that do not imply mandatory reading the work (bots, exchanges like "you like me — I like you" and so on);
  • Suggest it to other users;
  • To create new accounts and/or use existing accounts for boosting of any kind;
  • To use social exchange sites, services or mobile applications with assignments to cover;
  • And the like.

Administration reserves the right to remove any texts and images deemed inappropriate. Also, the administration has the right to restrict access to a specific work of the author on the territory of a separate state, in case of a threat from the legislation of that country to block the entire resource. So that thousands of authors would not lose the opportunity to publish their works, and their readers would not lose access to a huge number of texts as a result of blocking the site.

The rights to all works published on the website belong to the authors of the works. The administration is not responsible for the content of the work.