A ring, a scarf and a drow

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Even when the magical lanterns lit up all the rooms in the building, there was too dark. Drow with their infrared vision grew in this pervasive darkness from the first day they've breathed the cold air of the Underdark. Their new arrived guest, instead, had to learn how to see again. As if to mock her, they gifted her one of those magical lanterns they've had everywhere, but hers was a bit brighter than the others. A mark of an outsider from the upper lands, which should be respected despite the true attitude of the folk towards her. Shenlana just smiled stupidly, giggling in answer to their veiled insults. Soon her vision will adapt to the new world she's living and the personal lantern will be of no use. Before that happens, she can bathe herself in the attention of the surrounding drow. On the third day of her stay in Menzoberranzan, she was visited by the senior priestess of House Zar'hel. Reita found her guest, who named herself Chance for the time being, reading one of the manuscripts that she had so politely offered to familiarize herself with earlier. The matron of their house had hoped that such a respected guest from the surface was here to share the acquired knowledge not only about the enemy, but also about the magic. It would greatly help them strengthen their position in the hierarchy. “Your lantern is dimmed, you should have informed someone about it,” she remarked, and was already preparing to cast the needed spell. “I did that on purpose when it began to bother me,” Shen replied with a smile. “The moon elves are no strangers to the darkness, we just need some time to adapt to it after a whole life under the sun.” The priestess grunted with displeasure after hearing about so annoying thing as the sun. Chance knew it, but nevertheless talked a lot of nonsense about the upper lands just to bother Reita. “We observed that you began to leave the house more often now, it's dangerous. Our enemies not only can, but will hurt you, when they'll get to you outside these walls. One of the Houses is stubbornly striving for a place in the Nine, and you are a mere tool for them to achieve this goal.” “Rough, but honest as always,” grinned Chance and at the same second hid her smile behind a blank expression. “So, you want to lock me here?” “We've already locked you. Yesterday,” Reita said and rolled her eyes. “Oh, yes, yesterday was definitely more fun than usual. Give my praise to the master, and an advice,” Chance put down the manuscript and stood up, approaching the door. “Before setting your traps, you must check for the presence of traps set for you.” She ran her hand over the polished cold stones next to the door and a magic rune glowed with a pale blue light at her touch. It flickered for a split second, after which became invisible again. “Simple protection measures, that became a habit during my life on the surface.” Suddenly, the door in front of her opened, forcing the elf to take a step back. She was continuously looking with surprise at the male drow that entered the room uncalled. His clothes looked rich, with small spiders and cobwebs embroidered on them with silver threads. A pair of daggers hung from his belt in scabbards with the same elegant patterns. His long white hair was tied in a lazy ponytail. It looked as if the ribbon that used to tie the hair slipped during a fight and for some unknown reason hooked a little lower. His eyes shone with a purple light, a pity she couldn't see them in their full beauty — the drow looked only at the floor beneath him. “Illay will accompany you everywhere as long as you stay in Menzoberranzan. He is one of the best warriors of our House and with him, you will be safe, just like our honorable guest should be.” Chance continued to stare baldly at the new entered drow for a few seconds of silence. She blinked more often that it was needed by the nature, only after observing this, she pulled herself together and sighed loudly. “I am grateful to you. You, and Mother Alni, for the concern. But I can take care of myself.” “Mother Alni did not mean to belittle your abilities in any way. You are our,” she emphasized on this word before counting the phrase.“…special guest. And our task is to ensure your safety. Simple measure of protection, that have long been a mandatory habit here in Menzoberranzan.” Chance encountered this parry with a grin, baring her fangs and accepting the one:one end of the score. Reita, finally seeing at least a part of her true nature, smiled pleased in response. Shenlana allowed the priestess to win this time, nodded obediently and closed her eyes, after which Reita left the room, leaving Illay and Chance alone. The pale elf felt a growing uneasiness between them. She bit her lower lip and raised her eyebrows. The drow stood like a statue in front of her door and did not move at all. It seemed that he was even trying to breathe as stealthy as he could in her presence. Chance intertwined her fingers in front of her and awkwardly hit her index fingers against each other, but nothing changed after that. “Reita has left the room,” she remarked, but the drow gave no sign of understanding what she was driving at. “I don't mind if you behave more humanely in my presence. If only you knew what humanity is, right?..” she tried to speak more straightforward, but had to correct herself again in the end. “Look, I'm not a drow,” started she and the same moment sighed. “But you're one… Damn,” hissed Shen and walked back to the table before turning back to the dark elf. Her face was unshakable serious, clearly tired of the drow culture that speared violently through her freedom-loving nature. She crossed her arms over her chest and was loudly quiet for a moment, before speaking again with a new power from the inside. “Look at me,” almost ordered Shenlana, and the drow, after a moment of hesitation, cautiously raised his gaze at her. “When no one is around, I want you to look at me. Talk to me without waiting for permission. In other words, I want to see myself in the reflection of your eyes. Myself, and not an empty place.” Illay remained silent, but looked Chance directly in her eyes. They gazed at each other almost without blinking for too long, and Shen began to think, that she said something stupid. Again. She was bothered by the thought, that this order will make her living in the Underdark even worse, and the drow in front of her didn't do anything to prove her right or wrong. In the end, she left her dumb attempts to make a new friend in this House. “You weren't ordered to always be at the length of an arm from me, were you?” loosing her self-confidence, asked Chance. “You didn't let me go,” replied Illay quietly. Shen froze and bit her lower lip again. She wanted to scream, but no one would understand her motive. Also, this could give birth to a bunch of new rumors about the ridiculous guest from the surface. Therefore, she suppressed the impulsive desire to do another stupid thing. “You are free now,” she said, and watched as the drow opened the door. “I'm staying here today.” Chance waited until Illay closed the door, and only after that tiredly slid to the stone-cold floor. On the other side of the door stood Illay, frozen, facing the corridor and thoughtfully looking at his hands. He had no idea how to react to what happened and was glad, that no one was here to see it. He didn't fall asleep that night. After a week, the personal lantern was no longer needed. Shen could easily determine in which part of the city she was and where to go next without anyone's help. Something was learned anew, and other paths just popped up in her memory the moment she saw them. However, she still could not get rid of the escort in the face of always gloomy Illay. Fortunately, he attracted much less attention than a glowing lump of magic and always walked behind her. So quietly that if not for her intuition, Shen wouldn't have noticed if he disappeared. She was carrying a couple of new books that she had bought in the next quarter and a neatly folded scarf with an exquisitely embroidered spider web on its corners. Shenlana hated spiders and everything connected with them, but here in Menzoberranzan it seemed that masters simply didn't know any other ideas for decoration. “Next time, you'd better take one of the servants with you,” advised one of the younger priestess that stood right in front of the Zar'hel House. “I like to carry my stuff in my hands,” Chance smiled in response and hurried to get in her room. At the very door, her hand in which the scarf was, was electrocuted with magic. That led Chance to stumble out of the blue and almost fall. Illay grabbed her at the same moment, at first rudely and carelessly, and after a second, as if apologizing and being afraid to touch Chance, he tried to help her stand again. Shen exhaled tiredly and looked down at her purchases. “Thank you,” she said without a drop of gratitude, and knelt down, leaving the books next to her on the floor. Illay watched uncomprehendingly as Chance straightened the scarf and carefully examined it, then sniffed it and blinked a few times, as if she was trying to see something, that he could not. Apparently, when she found what she was looking for, still disappointed, Shen lowered the scarf on her knees. “How many of the drowish kin want to know what I mumble in my sleep and what tea I prefer for breakfast,” she grinned bitterly and looked up at Illay who exhaled as well, as if he understood her pain. He held his hand to her, but Chance shook her head and straightened the scarf in front of her again. Shenlana red a spell that cleared the cloth of any magic it had, and examined it one more time. Only after this Chance put the scarf back on the books, took them all and accepted Illay's help, who had been quietly watching her until now. After entering the room, she left the purchases on the table and briefly looked around. “I'm not going anywhere else today, so you can be free,” explained Shenlana and sat down at the table just to open one of the books in front of her. The case with the scarf could not leave her mind, though. Probably because it was already the fourth thing with which they tried to trace her. And every time at the entrance to the room, her protective barrier warned of the spying magic with a discharge of the current. Chance didn't even understand who of all the detractors did it now, because last time, as it turned out after a productive conversation with a master jeweler, it was an order from the Zar'hel House. The door closed behind her and Chance turned around sharply, suddenly pulled out of her thoughts. Illay was still standing in the room, having unhooked the scabbard with daggers from his belt and left them on a shelf near him. Chance habitually turned away from him, who was finally beginning to behave around her differently from what was a rule throughout Menzoberranzan. She returned to her attempts to understand the text in front of her, not noticing how Illay approached closely from behind. She squinted her eyes and was re-reading the same sentence when he looked over her shoulder with interest. He was still there, when Shenlana exhaled tiredly and, leaning on the table, covered her face with her palms. “I just can't, not now. The words are blurry, the same things happens in my mind now, so we won't make a good conversation. You are really free to go, if you want,” she spoke directly in her palms. “You mother is so stubborn! Just like your sisters. They can not understand what I am trying to teach them. They don't even understand what they need to do, to understand me! So skeptical, that it reminds me of my family.” She could continue her monologue for an hour for sure, if not for the strange feeling, that layed on her shoulders. It felt like someone touched her, cautious at first, because Illay was still afraid to touch her without permission or order. But with every movement of his fingers on her pale gray skin, he grew in confidence that no one would chop them off for that. It was the simple touch of another living creature, that melted Shen wholesome. She felt like home, where the silky and hot sand covered her body. She was not in danger. Chance didn't even notice how she laid her head on Illay's belt, until she oppened her eyes. “Aren't you afraid that I might bite?” she asked with a smile. “Everything that makes you happy,” he answered before getting rid of his leather vest and glows. His phrase confused Chance. His unexpected looseness confused Chance. His appearance, after he left only his shirt and pants on, embarrassed Chance. A slight blush appeared on her cheeks and she moved away from the elf. Taking his hands off her shoulders one by one, she found herself tightly squeezing his hand in hers. And this time Illay was also in no hurry to distance himself from Shenlana. And while Chance was mentally wondering how far Illay was ready to go, he approached her even more, inhaling the smell of her ghost-white hair. Sinking lower and lower, he graced the pale skin of her neck with his hot breath and the girl heard a brief laugh. “Aren't you afraid that I might bite?” he asked with the same smile. “Everything that makes you happy,” giggled Chance in response and slowly closed her eyes. He left a trail of kisses on her neck and Shenlana, again, drowned in sensations like in hot sand. She didn't even think about doing something for him. Shen stopped thinking about anything at all, afraid that the slightest fluctuation of energy and this dream would end. Then she will have to explain to herself why in her dream this drow was the one she desired the most of them all. Illay, meanwhile, went even lower, unbuttoning her shirt and slowly pulling it off Chance’s shoulders. He also removed her top, carefully untying the ropes and letting the thing fall helplessly to the floor. Illay looked up at Shenlana and they watched at each other for several long seconds. Suddenly she felt that they were still separated by a huge abyss, but she did not even have time to be saddened by this fact, because at the same moment Illay pressed his lips to her breast, kissing her tenderly. Chance didn’t realize when she spread her legs, in an attempt to maintain her position firm on the chair without sliding down on the floor. Illay took this as a sign and unfastened her belt. Without taking off Shen's pants, he put his hand under her underwear and exhaled noisily, leaning forward. The drow bit Chance's nipple, pulling it slightly, and she couldn't hold back a moan, embracing his head with her palms. With the rest of her common sense, Shenlana understood that they had gone too far and tried to push the drow away from her, but he, as if completely changed, only pressed closer to her and repeated the last action. Hearing another moan and taking this as approval of his decisions, Illay stuck his hand even deeper, penetrating her with his finger and feeling how the girl’s body first tensed, and then relaxed just to move towards him. He also heard words in a language unknown to him and again looked up at Chance. The moon elf bit her palm and breathed jittery, as if they had switched places. Now the guest prayed that no one would hear her. Illay grinned predatorily and penetrated her with two fingers now, watching as the elf awkwardly held back her moans. When he bit her breast again, the girl exhaled noisily and the ringing of the bracelets on her hands and ankle was heard all over the room. This knocked the drow out of his thoughts. Turning his gaze to the guest, he recognized another protective spell in the almost silent movement of her lips. As she read it, several runes on the walls of the room glowed with blue light, after which she exhaled with relief. “This is the first time I've forgotten a spell due to... such circumstances,” she said and before she could smile, the drow returned all his attention to the moment where he had stopped. But only this time he realized a thing; her pants were still in the way and with his free hand he took them off, throwing them somewhere to the rest of the clothes. After that he again penetrated her with his fingers and this time a loud, albeit hesitant, moan escaped from her lips. He continued to move them inside; at start two of them, then with three. Illay moved his lips to Chance’s lower abdomen. With a couple of kisses lower he pressed his lips to her clitoris, massaging it with his tongue then sucking it while his fingers continued their accelerated movement a little lower. Chance no longer had any control over the sounds and words she uttered. She ruffled Illay's hair, it seems she even tore the ribbon that held it. Shen didn’t just drown in sensations, now she completely surrendered to them, moving to the Illay's rhythm and feeling like she was almost reaching the peak of pleasure. Chance was torn between the desire to feel an orgasm and the equally strong desire to stretch out the moment “a second before” at least for a little while longer. But Illay was the first to touch her in this gods forgotten underworld. And damn him, he did it incredibly well. Feeling the elf’s body shudder from orgasm, he continued his movements for a few more seconds, until her hands finally let go of his hair. Illay looked up at Chance and licked the lubricant that remained on his fingers. She was breathing heavily and still had no idea what to do with this new reality. She only knew that all her worries had disappeared somewhere and that nothing else made sense now. Illay remained on his knees in front of her for some time, after which he slowly stood up. He reached for his vest, and immediately heard the ringing of her bracelets again. Chance changed abruptly, looked at him with a degree of indignation. It reminded the way with which the older sisters looked at him, and just out of habit, Illay lowered his gaze to the floor. He made something terribly wrong and a strange feeling of fear touched his chest. “I didn’t let you go,” she said too calmly, after which she exhaled expressly loud. “Look at me.” Illay came to his senses and looked up, watching as the honorable guest of his house stood up and, still walking a little unsteadily, approached him. She took the vest from his hands, throwing it into a pile of her clothes, untied his shirt, took it off and threw it there too. Their bodies were very different. Against the background of his dark skin, her palms seemed ghostly white. She gently ran them over the old war scars, not hiding the fact that she was amused by Illay's awkward reaction. It was as if he was switching between two very different states: here he was ready to stick three fingers into her, and after a couple of minutes he shuddered from her touch as if her hands ended in icy claws. Shen untied his pants and guided the drow with her palm, leading him to the bed, taking off the remaining clothes along the way. She touched his erect penis and only after hearing his shaky exhalation did she remember how unpleasant this nagging pain in the lower abdomen is; when what you want so badly is so close, but still unattainable. This time Chance kissed his neck, leaving a small hickey and began massaging his penis. She herself didn’t understand why they both avoided each other’s lips, but one look at Illay, who bit his lower lip, swept away all unnecessary thoughts. Shen once again pushed him in the chest with her palm and he fell onto the bed. She immediately knelt down right above him and froze. Illay looked at her questioningly, but was afraid to say anything for the same reason that she was silent when he drove. “I was just wondering... Do I want to hear you beg me about this?” hiding a smile, she asked thoughtfully. The question clearly did not have the effect she had in mind before asking it. Illay lowered his gaze and almost turned away from her. It was at this moment that Shenlana first thought that she was afraid of losing him. The bracelets rang once again, awakening the memory that something as painful as the loss of a loved one had long since dissolved in time and the frightened Shenlana pressed herself into Illay’s lips. She kissed him as if it was the last time in her life, bit his lips and pressed her whole body against the drow under her. She let him go only to take a breath of air and whisper: “Don't leave me...” Chance rose up, moved back a little and again allowed Illay to penetrate her; to full her with a smooth movement. She shuddered and pulled away from his chest, slowly moving up and down, feeling his penis move within her. She heard his quiet sighs and smiled at how much willpower Illay continued to restrain himself even now. Her pure gold bracelets with colorful stones rang in tune with their movements, faster and faster until Illay, driven only by his desire, came. Their movements slowed and Chance loomed over him again. Both elves were breathing heavily, Shenlana was so ready to fall next to him and just lie there whatever would happen next. However, that’s exactly what she did, clinging to Illay’s side and putting her arm around his chest. She began to draw imaginary circles and figures of eight on his chest with her palm, pleased that he no longer paid the same attention to her touch as before. Then she began to draw cobwebs, after all, they were in Menzoberranzan, where the drow kin knew no other decor here. And mentally she returned to the scarf, which she had to clean before returning to the room. Chance felt as if the mountain of problems with which she had returned home that evening had once again fallen on her shoulders. She turned her gaze to Illay, and only now the suspicion that arose at the moment of their first meeting again hit her mind. “A ring, a scarf and a drow. You share the same purpose, right?” Illay's gaze darkened. Shen saw the shame in his eyes, but she didn’t understand why. Because the world is the way she wants it to be and the drow felt ashamed that he had to keep an eye on the guest for whom he had feelings? Or because this is still Menzoberranzan and, most likely, if Mother Alni finds out about his feelings for such a hated surface inhabitant, she will kill him. And Illay clearly didn't want to die. It would be easier if he was simply ashamed of feeling something for the enemy. Not noticing her thoughtful look, Illay sat on the edge of the bed and was about to get up when Shen grabbed his hand and pulled him back. “It doesn’t matter, just stay here a little longer. Anyway, I’ve bored the entire Zar’hel house today, so no one will look for us,” she glanced warily at the door. “Not everyone,” Illay quietly exhaled, but Chance didn’t even notice. She held him close to her and examined the door again, and then the walls. Yes, he was forced to stay in bed no matter what happened. Barely noticeable sparks danced along the walls and door, most likely it was the same even on the floor. Shen mentally cursed the elemental magic and the fact that it literally soaked every particle of her body.
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