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Chapter 1

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- Hey, Hajime! — Mahiru shouted. — Let’s go to the beach! - Come on, why not… — the guy answered. The red-haired woman smiled at this answer, and taking her friend by the hand, led him from the hotel to the beach.                   *** They had a good time there. Mahiru was taking pictures of something all the time, before the Mono-monkeyshe didn’t steal the camera. And at first the girl tried to take her by force, but Hajime helped her. He inserted a Mono-coin into the slot machine, received a banana from there, and attracted a monkey with this banana, which helped the girl to take the camera. - Thank you! — said the red-haired one. - Please. — Hajime replied with a smile. From this, the girl blushed, but quickly returned to normal, and continued to have fun.                   *** When the sky darkened, the guys realized that it was time to return to the cottages. What the Absolute Photographer did not want, but there is a word “necessary”, and that means we have to go back. When she reached her houses, the girl said. - Hajime… -she said softly. - Yes? — he replied. - Can you spend the night at my place? — Mahiru asked, embarrassed and blushing. Hajime didn’t know what to say. - Well, if you want, then in principle I can. — he said in embarrassment. - Really? — surprised, she said. — Well, yes. — the guy answered. Then they took him by the hand, and quickly took him to the cottage, where just entering inside, the red-haired woman locked the door with a key, and attacked the guy with kisses. Due to the surprise, Hajime fell on the bed, and with him Mahiru. And so she kissed him for about a minute, until she broke the kiss due to lack of air. - W-What are you doing, Mahiru? Hajime asked excitedly. — I create the best memories in the world… — Mahiru answered softly, but very lovingly. Then she kissed Hajime again, and he moved away from the shock, reciprocated the kiss, and a minute later they were completely naked and hot. - Are you sure? the guy asked. — More than ever! The red—haired woman replied confidently. And gently leading Mahira’s pussy, Hajime still inserted his penis into her. After such a movement, Mahiru cried out a little, but immediately calmed down the worried Hajime with her gaze. And starting to move, the guy kissed the girl on the lips, cheeks, forehead and neck. And she, in turn, bit him weakly by the ear, and licked his nose a little. After that, Hajime’s movements began to accelerate. He began to move faster and faster, and rougher and rougher, until he suddenly finished. Mahiru felt Hajime’s hot sperm pouring into her uterus. She felt all the warmth that goes through her whole body. She also felt that something was still twitching inside her. - H-Hajim-me? — the photographer asked. —Do you want to do it again? - Yes… — the boy answers, feeling pleasure. - You’re a perv-vert… — Mahiru said with a smile. And then they started moving and kissing again…                   *** Rays of light began to come out of the window, and on the bed, Hajime went in and out of Mahira, who was barely holding on to her hands. - M-Mahiru-u! — the brunette groaned. — I’m cum-ming again. The girl didn’t say anything, just shutting off her brain from pleasure. She didn’t care if she got pregnant or not. All she wanted was for this moment to last forever. And then the sperm poured into her again. Hot and thick, which is easy to fertilize anyone, even on a safe day. Hajime took his cock out of Mahiru, and lay down next to the girl. - I love you, Mahiru! — Hajime said. — I love you too, Hajime! — Mahiru said. After these words, the couple smiled, hugged, and fell asleep in front of each other warmly. They were ready for anything that could happen to them. Tne end
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