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Chapter 1

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“Doctor! Help!” Genji impudently burst into Angela’s office and lay down on the couch. “I think I’m dying!” “What’s the matter with you, Genji?” Angela looked at the guy worriedly. “What’s happened?” “Doctor! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” He dramatically put his hand to his forehead. “Everything hurts! Doctor, why does everything start to hurt when I see her? My heart starts beating like crazy. It pricks and knocks, as if it wants to break my ribs and jump out of my chest. As if it lives independently, and is not part of me. My whole crippled body begins to burn, as if with such a strong flame that it’s almost like breaking down! Doctor! When I see her, I realize that I forget the words and their sounds! I immediately have lapses in memory, I am immediately speechless. I am too young to develop sclerosis, but I am sure that absolutely everything is forgotten, as soon as I look at her. Doctor! My thoughts are starting to get confused when I think about her! All my ideas immediately disappear somewhere, I start to feel like some kind of vegetable! But I’m only thirty-five! Doctor! Even during the most terrible, most terrible and dangerous contractions, I did not feel, I have never felt such a frantic pounding in my temples as when I saw her. It’s like a thousand drummers lined up in a row begin to beat the drums, echoing with every sound in my head. Pushing off my veins all over my body. Doctor! Just her touch on my skin throws me either hot or cold! And it doesn’t matter whether the room is warm or not. My temperature is spiraling out of control, causing my system to crash. I start to feel feverish and then shiver sharply. There is a slight trembling, your hands begin to shake and your legs begin to give way. But I’m only… only thirty-five! I still have so many tasks to do! Doctor! One look from her is enough for me to begin to feel an incomprehensible desire that begins to push me to reckless actions! I get shivers from the way she sometimes looks at me! I am ready to reflect a whole shower of stars at her feet, if only she would look at me again. Gently, with warmth, with a smile. Doctor! When I don’t see her for a long time, I get depressed. I have experienced so much in my life, I have met so many girls, but no one has ever driven me into such depression. Not a single battle made me sad. I’m ready to quietly whine because she’s not around. I don’t want to do anything, no one is nice to me right away. Appetite disappears. When did I ever refuse food? But as soon as she goes somewhere or leaves, I immediately don’t find a place for myself. I often feel anxious if she is on some mission where I am not present. I immediately become absent-minded, do not respond to orders, sometimes I cannot even immediately navigate the terrain! Doctor! In such moments of sadness, I have a desire to jump out of my seat and rush to her. I become reckless and ready to do anything, completely disobeying Commander Reyes, disobeying Jack. It’s like a burden on my heart, on my soul, like a stone! He suffocates me, doesn’t let me take a deep breath! Maybe I have asthma? Doctor! Despite all this, I become very happy if she is nearby. But all of the above painful symptoms make themselves felt, so I begin to look as if I am mentally retarded and constantly start talking some kind of nonsense. Doctor! Help me! What happened with me? I am desperate for treatment!" “Genji,” Angela laughs quietly and takes the guy by the hand, “there’s nothing wrong with that. You just fell in love. For this to go away, you need to confess to her, and you will feel much better. Your burden will fall from your heart, all the symptoms of asthma, sclerosis will go away, and the arrhythmia will also go away”. “Is it true?” " It is true”. The guy covers the girl’s hand with his hand and squeezes it lightly, looking at her. “Then, I will try to heal”. He smiles slightly. “Angela, I love you”.
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