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True Prologue

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Nightwing entered the hut, where a small rainbow-winged sea-green and various shades of yellow was sleeping, curled up. The Nightwing approached the rainbow-winged one possessively and rubbed against her cheek. “Well, how are you…” Nightwing asked, smiling.Rainbow Wing, who was apparently lost in her thoughts, shuddered slightly. “As you can see, everything is in order” after waiting for a short pause, she continued, “Are you sure that this is exactly what we should do? We could ruin his whole life.…” Nightwing just smiled. " I am sure, especially according to my calculations, everything will happen on a two-moon night, and such an opportunity should not be missed!” Rainwing was a little confused, but overall she was happy. Her scales have acquired a delicate orange-purple hue. " I just want a better life for him. I’m afraid that when we decided to keep it for ourselves, and not like all rainbow-winged…” He kissed her gently on the forehead. “Calm down, we’re going to have a wonderful baby.” The Rain-wing turned pink. “Well, maybe society will not accept him, maybe they will look at him as a sick person. Remember the Chameleon…” Nightwing stepped aside and looked down. “Our dragon will be the best, especially since the rainwings will not accept so the nightwings will accept” Rainwing looked doubtfully at what she was sleeping with. It was an ordinary egg, no different in size from ordinary rain-wing eggs, except that the black color gave a little uncertainty, but the Thinker assured that everything was fine. Since then, the Hummingbird has not parted with the egg. The Thinker convinced her that he wanted to raise a dragon himself, and not watch the baby grow up among his own kind. Hummingbird agreed, especially since she managed to love the child, who never appeared, with all her heart. But she was still afraid that she was making a mistake. Rainwing looked at the Thinker again The scales turned purple, the look resolute. " I will do everything so that our baby dragon does not feel lonely!” The Thinker smiled and lay down next to her. " And I’ll help you with that. No wonder I was called a Thinker.” They lay there for about half an hour, but the silence was interrupted by the voice of the nightwing: “Okay, if you want everything to go smoothly, then we need to leave right now. I’ve prepared everything, it will be very convenient for you. Even better than at home!” The rain-winged simply nuzzled her lover’s neck, then rose to her paws and, lifting the egg, pressed it to her. The answer was short: " Lead on!” Rain-wing looked worried, especially since the scales betrayed all her feelings. A short flight, and they are already high above the trees. The wicker playground made by nightwing was surrounded by the same wicker walls so that the child would not crash. After landing, the Hummingbird did not look around, but lay down again, clutching the egg to her. The scales became the color of aquamarine. But the calm did not last long — The rainwing worried too much about the egg. " What if it rains?” The thinker looked at the starry sky. —"No, according to my calculations, it should not. The approximate hatching time is tomorrow night, so it won’t be long to wait!” Rainwing giggled, the pink colors of joy for a while replaced the colors of anxiety and uncertainty. " You always have to calculate, think and measure everything. I was surprised how you restrained yourself from calculations when we were with you…” The Thinker laughed. " I just counted every moment with you, so as not to forget how much I love you.” Rainwing snorted. " Okay, get out of here before I remember how many times you’ve bothered me with your tediousness and calculations”. After a short pause, she continued."Only bring fruit tomorrow…”. The thinker smiled, spreading his wings. " For which you love…” And with this short phrase, he carefully took off and headed Obscurantist knows where.


Night. Not a single star in the sky, which was, to put it mildly, strange, although this has never happened in my life. The Thinker assured in the evening that it was just thick clouds high in the sky that were in the way, but the main thing was that the moons were clearly visible. The hummingbird did not sleep, but dozed, thinking that if the Thinker was mistaken, then he himself would guard the egg until the dragon hatched. The egg, by the way, became snow-white, and now shone in the light of the moons. Everything was perfectly visible because of the two heavenly bodies. Soon the Thinker arrived, it is clear that the future father himself was on nerves, because he sat on the sidelines and was silent. Then abruptly the scales of the Hummingbird turned yellow, but at the same time acid-green, golden scales could also be noticed. The Thinker perked up and said incredulously: " What, already? " " There was curiosity, joy and excitement in his voice.” Hummingbird whispered. " It looks like it, " Rainwing’s voice was just as excited. A crack appeared on the snow-white egg, at the same moment a bright star shone in the sky. As the egg cracked, the weather cleared up, several stars were already burning in the sky, but not one of them could compare with the first star. The thinker did not know where to look: either at the sky, where the already brightest star in the firmament was shining, which can be seen today to conquer his own record, or at the hatching of a dragon. Soon the shell finally cracked, and a small ball of night appeared before the parents' eyes. The dragon yawned and squeaked something. Then he began to get out of the shell. The thinker carefully watched his son. It looked like an ordinary rainwing, with silver scales near the eyes. The dragon itself merged with the darkness no worse than the night. After getting out of the shell, the baby carefully began to examine his parents. The rainwing became completely golden, happiness was beating over the edge. " You’re my little black sweetheart.” The thinker thoughtfully held out. “M-yes, a complete copy of the mother…” Hummingbird favored the Thinker with a mocking look. " Yes, and his scales are also like his mother, or did his father try” The Thinker smiled. “In any case, he is my son, my little star. My… Sirius?” The Thinker looked at the sky, where the star Sirius was clearly trying to shine brighter than usual, from which its already bright light could be compared with the light of the moon. Rain-wings looked at the Thinker as someone unknown. " Are you suggesting to name the dragon by the name of a star?” “YES, I suggest it. It clearly suits him!” Hummingbird looked thoughtfully at the Thinker, and then at the dragon. After that, she said sweetly, happily hugging the fragile little body to herself. “So you’ll be Sirius.” The dragon looked at his mother with eyes full of love and understanding. The Thinker lay down next to him… " Yes, this is the best moment in my life”. Said the Thinker, sincerely rejoicing at what is happening to him and his family.
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